Top 3 Gaming Mouse for Better Clicking—How to choose the best gaming mouse?

Computer mice are of different types. Some are apt for working, and some for gaming. You cannot expect a non-gaming mouse to provide you with the same amount of thrill as a gaming mouse does. A good gaming mouse is one that works its full potential to never let any of your clicks go to waste. While finding the best choice for yourself, you need to look for a mouse that feels good on your grip, and also gives uninterrupted performances. A strong sensor is what turns a mouse into a gaming mouse. 

The market has many mouse manufacturers fighting for the top position, and why not? As the demands of gamers are increasing, none of the brands has left a single stone unturned to provide them with the best. 

Before anything else, you need to be clear about a few things:

  1. Optical or Laser: Both sensors have their perks, but optical mice are slightly more accurate than laser ones. If you are looking for the best, go for an optical mouse. 

  2. Wired or Wireless: Again, both have their leads. A wired mouse isn’t as aesthetic as a wireless one. And, a wireless mouse isn’t as accurate as of the wired ones. Also, wireless mice need to be charged every once in a while. A wired mouse works effortlessly without worrying about a battery. 

  3. Palm, Claw or Fingertip Grip: In a palm-grip mouse, your palm rests on the back. A claw-grip mouse doesn’t let your palm rest on the mouse at all. Only your fingertips touch the mouse surface and function. Both the palm and the wrist are elevated off the mouse in a fingertip-grip. 

Make a checklist and match your requirements to the above-mentioned features. After you have decided on which kind of mouse you want, you can then look for the best ones available in the market. 

Below are the top 5 gaming mouse that can help you in faster clicking:

  1. Razer Deathadder Elite

The Razer Deathadder Elite is the first choice of many gamers. It is considered to be an all-rounder. It has a shape that fits the size of your palm, and it also comes in a variety of sizes. It has an optional CPI sensor of 16,000 of top-notch quality. It works effortlessly on cloth, as well as mousepads. 

  1. Logitech G203 Prodigy

With the working performance that matches Razer Deathadder Elite, Logitech G203 Prodigy comes in a budget that no one can say no to. It has a true mouse shape, amazing game driving software and a reliable design. The G203 doesn’t have the top-end sensor that Longitude features, but the mercury sensor that it is built with provides the same look and feel. 

  1. Corsair Ironclaw RGB

The Corsair Ironclaw RGB is great for you if you feel that you have large palms. Ruling half the market, this mouse is exceptional when it comes to its gaming performance. The top-quality material and plastic feel make Corsair Ironclaw RGB one of the most demanded gaming mice on the market. Each of its parts has been separately designed and assembled to provide an ultimate gaming experience to the players. 

Final Words

If you are still confused about which mouse to choose, you can always compare their clicking speed. Find your friends who have the same mice, records your CPS in Clicks Test for each, and compare the results. The highest CPS providing mouse is your winner!